Sunday, 20 September 2009

Beth the Boxer

Butter wouldn't melt in Beth Chalmers' mouth. Her honeyed Home Counties voice has guaranteed her a career in radio and in voicing audio books. Her acting credits include Midsummer Murders and a range of comedies. She is every inch the broadcast professional not to mention a fun girl to be around.
After work, however, things are a little bit different. A few years ago Beth took up boxing to keep fit. Spotted by trainer Pieter Vodden, Beth was encouraged to move from punching bags to people. It turned out she was rather good. Beth recently fought her first competitive fight in London's studio Valbonne. As a witness I can testify she is a terrifying opponent. She lost the fight by a mere point.
My brief, for the Readers' Digest, was to show the two sides of Beth, as it were. I'm a big fan of both!