Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Table Talk

Last week's Sunday Shoot, not very imaginatively titled 'Table Top Portraits' was both fun and sombre in equal measure. I enjoyed it so much I may repeat the theme next Sunday. Many thanks to all who took part. To see more of the project please click here.

Keep Mum!

If there's one person we all listen to, it's our Mum. Whatever her size a mother can strike fear in even the toughest of people. Ad agency St. Lukes came up with this clever solution to their client Centrica's  need to communicate to their staff the importance of protecting client data. Their masterstroke was to use actual mothers of members of the Centrica workforce in the campaign. The images were used as posters, notepads, mousemats and even life sized cut outs in the offices. Mums were sent to me from around the country for their shoot. We had a lot of fun on set and the campaign, by all accounts, has already had a marked effect on awareness among staff. many thanks to the spirited mums who took part. Hats off to creative team Jamil Bhatti and Natalia Frizzi for another corker.