Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello Sailor!

Sir Robin Knox Johnston was the first person to sail single handed and non-stop around the world.This epic journey took place between June 1968 and April 1969. He went on to have an illustrious sailing career winning just about every race there is. Despite being nautical royalty he regaled us all throughout the shoot with many a salty tale and his distinctive brand of humour. He very kindly sent me a copy of his book 'A World of My Own' , the gripping account of his extraordinary journey. I read it in one sitting. I have a new hero!

Ade Edmondson lets rip

This month's cover feature for Reader's Digest featuring the life force that is Adrian Edmondson. The article is on his take on happiness and I had planned to have him jumping for joy. Unfortunately the poor man turned up with a broken foot so that idea was shelved. Memories of  The Young One's Vyvyan bursting through the title frame for 'The Good Life' inspired this hastily prepared set up.